May 17, 2017

NDP government creating further economic uncertainty, needs to ensure consultation period on impending labour legislation: Wildrose

News that the NDP government will be introducing their much maligned labour legislation next week is leading to a call for a lengthy consultation period once it is tabled, the Wildrose Official Opposition said today.

After only 36 days of limited feedback on overhauling the labour system in Alberta, the NDP government is planning on forging ahead with legislation, despite repeated pleas to slow down the process from opposition parties and concerned stakeholders and Albertans.

“It’s clear that the NDP government isn’t sincere about consulting on this legislation that could disrupt the years of labour peace and prosperity in our province,” Wildrose Leader Brian Jean said. “If they truly believed in listening to the concerns of Albertans, they would use the summer months to consult on legislation, just as they did with the Municipal Government Act.”

Serious concerns have been raised about the limited scope of the online survey that was provided for 36 days on employment standards, and for the closed door nature of meetings that were held with stakeholders.

“All signs point to the fix being in on this labour legislation, and the NDP government doing this to please the union groups that are literally on their board of directors,” Wildrose Shadow Labour Minister Glenn van Djiken said. “Wildrose will continue to defend the interests of employers and employees across Alberta who know this is the wrong way to govern.”